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Christiane Cargill Kinney

Hailing from Orange County, California, red-headed singer/songwriter Christiane Kinney is a captivating alternative folk artist whose “stock is sky high” says Music Connection Magazine.  With her “fluid, soulful voice” (All Access Magazine) and “sensual piano artistry” (LA Music Scene), she weaves compelling songs that are both “beautiful and poignant” (Celtic Folk Podcast).

 Christiane has been a musician for as long as she can remember, begging to take piano lessons at the tender age of three, while her legs were still too short to reach the pedals.  She continued to study music through college, graduating with a degree in piano performance from UC Irvine.

Since that time, Christiane has developed into an International award-winning singer/songwriter, receiving recognition from the Billboard World Songwriting Contest, the International Songwriting Competition, the Global Music Awards, and the International Carnival Song Contest, among others.  Her music has been featured in films, and described as bearing “the same rich texture as a major motion picture soundtrack” (Nerdy Frames).  She also composes original music for various film, TV and new media projects. 

As a performer who has frequently appeared on Music Connection Magazine’s Annual Hot 100 Unsigned Artists List, Christiane has developed a dedicated fan base, performing in numerous venues worldwide, from piano bars in Amsterdam to smoky clubs on the Sunset Strip to sold out shows at the illustrious Walt Disney Concert Hall and more.  Her band Riddle the Sphinx has been touted “one of the most unique bands in Los Angeles,” and “the band to see in LA” (NoHo Arts District, Music Column).

Christiane performs solo and with her band Riddle the Sphinx, just finished writing the film score for her first feature film, and she is currently in the studio recording a new album based on family stories passed down from earlier generations.