From the recordings Scottish Ballade and Metamorphosis

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(c) 2007 Music by Christiane Cargill and Lyrics by Joy de Guzman

Christiane Cargill: Piano and vocals
Carter Dewberry: Cello
Rebecca Kleinmann: Flute
Paul McIntire: Violin
Christo Pellani: Bones and war drum
David Peters: Additional string programming


As the ship’s sails caught wind she engraved it in memory.
With a smile and one wave he turned carrying her heart to sea.
Past the months came a messenger, there, at last a letter, said she.
But a stranger’s hand read that a route, the ship had sank at sea.

Vows in the heather, embrace in the flowers was he.
My child’s hopes with the man drowned, sank to ground without me.
Hide me to memory’s shade, I’ll wake, nightmares fade.
One step I’d fall to the waves, In coldness I’d wake.
Is there no one to say I’m still sleeping in yesterday?

Although roses in May bloomed she strolled in lover’s fields alone.
In her mourning clothes, round-bellied, scorned without a ring to own.
So when snow came, the babe born on board a ship she sailed from home
With it formed a life far from the sorrow and jeering known.

Candle in darkness, my warmth through starkness is he.
Little son, I’ve undone harm, I’ve brought us at sea.
Sailing from memory’s shade, we’ll wake, nightmares fade.
Feel how we’re safe in the waves, in new lands we’ll wake.
There’ll be no one to say I was dreaming ….

Bonny lass you’ve not smiled, said the young captain, months on my boat.
Do you not sail to see the babe’s father? Said she, We are alone.
Pretty maid, let me make you smile, offered the man, kind and bold.
If you’ll be my bride, I’ll be the father to your babe in our home.

Voice of embrace like the heather winds blowing is he.
My child’s hopes come in this man, in a landless sea.
Is this my memory’s shade? Won’t I wake? Don’t dreams fade?
One step we’d fall to the waves, in coldness I’d wake.
But night has cleared. I’m not sleeping.
Not today.