Earnestine (Single)

Christiane Kinney

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The song "Earnestine" is the first single being released based on the artist's family stories, handed down from her mother.

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The story and inspiration behind the song

This is the first in a series of songs to be released based on family stories handed down.

The backstory of this song is based on my Great Uncle Shelby and Great Aunt Earnestine, as included in my mother's memoirs:

"[Shelby] talked about the surgery he was planning to have in Batesville in a couple of months. It was a very serious procedure and I tried to encourage him to have it done in Little Rock where they would have better equipment to take care of him (and probably better trained physicians as well). He insisted they could do anything in Batesville they could do in Little Rock, and he wanted to be close to the family when it was done. He had the surgery in August and suffered complications while recuperating at home a couple of weeks later and died while Earnestine was driving him the forty miles back to Batesville. I believe Uncle Shelby had a premonition he was not going to survive his surgery. The next trip that I made to Arkansas was the following summer when I took Mom, Christi and Michael back for a visit. We were visiting with Aunt Earnestine when she brought out a gold necklace chain with a large diamond pendant on it to show us. She said it was delivered to her from a Batesville jewelry store on Christmas Eve four months after Uncle Shelby died. There was a note in his handwriting, 'I'll love you always. Shelby.' He had purchased it in early August just prior to his surgery with instructions for when it was to be delivered to her."

[Reprinted with permission from the memoirs "Echoes of my Life, a mirror to my Soul" by Loretta Cargill]