1. Earnestine

From the recording Earnestine (Single)

(c) 2020 Music and Lyrics by Christiane Kinney

Christiane Kinney: Piano and vocals, and additional string programming
Devon Eisenbarger: Acoustic guitar
Burgundy Morgan: Bass guitar
Christo Pellani: Drums / Percussion
Don Teschner: Violin


Written by Christiane Kinney

Homebound, a hero from the war.
Look around, it's not what it was before.
Full of mystery, her eyes hit him like a tidal wave. A pocket full of island seashells, for his wife so true and brave.

But he has a premonition
some may think it's superstition
But he has a premonition that he's leaving soon.
And he knows he's gotta hurry
though some say he shouldn't worry
he knows he's gotta hurry and catch the moon for his sweet Earnestine.

Moonlight, with fireflies in her hair.
Beautiful, she's dancing without a care.
Everywhere he went, she would go, for richer or for poor.
Fights broke out almost every night as they headed for the back door.


Slow down. It's happening way too fast.
Hold on. It's not like it's gonna last.
Pictures of her were his only truth, his lover and his best friend. But a message from him in the afterlife was all that he could think to send.