From the recording Professional Pretender

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(c) 2012 Music and Lyrics by Christiane Kinney and Burgundy Morgan

Christiane Kinney: Piano and Vocals
Larry Marciano: Lead guitar
Burgundy Morgan: Bass guitar
Christo Pellani: Drums and percussion


You love me true, you love me true. How you cherish my name. But how can it be when your words to me and your words to her are just the same?
I wanted you, that boy I knew. True love is forever rare. But you and I, with all our lies, we do what we do 'til we don't care.
CHORUS: And all of the word's a stage, and all of your words so tender. I forgot so lost in love that you were a professional pretender.
My love is lost among the rest, I feel us growing apart. How can you say you love me best, when you drift among so many hearts?
And does she know just where you go, when you're not in her arms? Does she see you run to me, does she see through all your many charms?
You filled my heart with song and sunny bright tomorrows. I guess I got it wrong, you left me filled with sorrow. So now I must be strong, and build my own tomorrow. I guess it won't be long, it won't be long before you're gone.
I love you true, she loves you too, so I'm ending this game. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you choose. Sometimes you live and love and walk away.