1. Master Plan

From the recording Professional Pretender

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(c) 2012 Music and lyrics by Christiane Kinney

Christiane Kinney: Piano and vocals
Larry Marciano: Lead guitar
Burgundy Morgan: Bass guitar
Christo Pellani: Drums and percussion


The son you never knew. The child who never grew. I hear him sing so sweetly now.
And yet I'm tossed away, morals lost in shades of grey. I find myself just wondering how. The hero makes his trade, and in the shimmering blade I see the light shining brightly.
CHORUS: Was this all your master plan? If so, I've played the fool too long. Before it's done, I hope you'll understand what side I'm on. I'm not a game for you to play, I am the Queen, I'm not your pawn. The rules have changed. The King he draws his sword, and I am gone.
The tower gets so cold, as I watch the days unfold. Atonement for my so-called sings. And my mind begins to twitch between laughs and weeping fits. Insanity is caving in. But I rise above this throne, and my eyes begin to focus on the light shining brightly. (Chorus).
This life is now my only will, and my heart beats strangely still as I walk blindly. These lies they penetrate knowing that they bring my fate, but not too kindly. Heavy toll. To you commend my soul. (Chorus)