From the recording Professional Pretender

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(c) 2012 Music and lyrics by Christiane Kinney

Christiane Kinney: Piano and vocals
Larry Marciano: Lead guitar
Christo Pellani: Drums and percussion
Carter Dewberry: Cello


I got lost on a cloud again today. I pretended to fall right through, and I fell into you. Yeah, the sky really fell that day. Losing sleep, want to keep those long goodbyes. How I love getting lost in your eyes, hypnotized by the spell I'm under when you're away. So I pretend to be the perfect woman, but I find myself sinking beneath the quicksand.
CHORUS: But it's a small sacrifice to pay, it's a small sacrifice I heard you say, I can't find my way tonight. I'm making this sacrifice.
Always you but never enough of me. But I keep waiting patiently for the day when I metamorphosis into sublime. I might learn from this constant compromise. I'm all the wiser but none too wise. No surprise, nothing's changed since the last time.
Where am I running away to? And when will I realize I'm not the one who can save you?
I got lost on a cloud again today, but I fell through the other side. Found my pride, found my strength to be and my spirit now has rescued me, for I once was blind, but now I see.
That you're my one sacrifice to pay, you're my one sacrifice to find my way, to find my way back home again, I'm making this sacrifice.