From the recording Professional Pretender

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(c) 2012 Music and lyrics by Christiane Kinney and Burgundy Morgan

Christiane Kinney: Piano and vocals
Larry Marciano: Lead guitar
Burgundy Morgan: Bass guitar
Christo Pellani: Drums and percussion
Brooke Wilkes: Background vocals


You say you don't need me, you don't want to see me. Well baby believe me, I've heard it all before. Say she understands you much better than I do. Well maybe it's all true, but baby it hurts to the core. So what's the use lying? And why keep on trying? Keeps me right down on the floor. And just when I'm over you, you come a knockin' once more.
CHORUS: Well I'm up, then I'm down, you keep messin' around, knock my feet off the ground, you go walking right out the door. You don't hold, you knock down. Gave an ounce, took a pound. There's your feet, know that sound. Here you come a knockin' once more.
They say what you resist continues to persist. Well I guess I'm a sadist, cause I've seen this all before. You keep on confessing, while I'm left second-guessing. Said I was the best thing that ever happened to you. And later you'll call me, pretend that you're sorry. But words don't mean anything. If only you meant those words, I would forgive everything. (CHORUS)
Hey baby this girl has seen better days, and I'm getting let down by your childish ways, if only I could make you see. But each time I try it's a waste of time, so I'll find me someone who finds me sublime, 'cuz whether you see it or not baby, that's who I happen to be.
No more comin' around, no I'm not fallin' down. Got my feet on the ground, picked myself right up off the floor. No more being let down. Took a good look around, now I know where I'm bound. Walking myself right out the door. Keep on walking baby, keep on walking girl, keep on walking baby, walking myself right out that door.