1. Deception

From the recording Professional Pretender

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(c) 2012 Music and lyrics by Christiane Kinney and Burgundy Morgan

Christiane Kinney: Piano and vocals
Brooke Wilkes: Additional featured vocals
Searmi Park: Violin
Shawn Mann: Viola
Carter Dewberry: Cello


Saw you staring at me, when you look into my eyes, my love for you is no surprise. Now I'm sitting by the phone, I called but you're not home. Today I sit here all alone.
I saw you looking at me, dancing on the sand. Passion in your eyes, you knew I'd undestand. Touching me now, set me free now. Come and take me by the hand. I love the way you kiss me, touch me, breathe my name. Naked in the moonlight, love me once again. Feel your need now, under me now. Loving you's the sweetest game.
CHORUS: Touch me like I tough you. Love me like I love you. Feel my breath upon your skin. Kiss me like I kiss you. Miss me like I miss you. Now you're in my arms again.
Said I was the only one. Was this all just your fun or love just for a holiday? All the love that's in your eyes, was that a cruel disguise? What will I tell your child someday? Baby don't you know you don't have to be true. Baby you just let me keep on loving you. You don't need to promise me. Just make me feel the way you do. (Chorus)
Can't forget the way you o=hold me, wrap me in your arms and own me. Whisper all the things you told me. In my dreams, fantasies, touching me making me scream.