1. Within Reach

From the recording Professional Pretender

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(c) 2012 Music and lyrics by Christiane Kinney and Burgundy Morgan; string arrangement by Christiane Kinney

Christiane Kinney: Piano and vocals
Searmi Park: Violin
Shawn Mann: Viola
Carter Dewberry: Cello


The ground below holds no promise. So beautiful up here. Moonbeam on water, the stars beyond I hope to find you there. Those glimmering shades of radiant light beckon from afar. We draw our gaze upwards, I tell you of the stars.
CHORUS: And I would not trade your dreams for mine, but I hope your heart is where my blaze shown. My wish, for you to travel by my side, and the path still be your own, just within reach.
So much promise in every life, the journey beyond adventure. But I must go now before I tire. Will we arrive together? I was never satisfied to set my sights for their desires. My intent is so much grander, my aspirations so much higher. (Chorus)
You were closest to my heart's desire, but can you hold its fiercest fire?
I understand what moves my spirit, and beautiful thing you are, it would break my heart to lose you because you didn't reach for stars just beyond reach.